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It is MZed's mission to build an environment through live educational tours, international masterclasses, and recorded training where photographers, filmmakers, designers, and our educators can forge mutually rewarding relationships within a community of creatives.



In early 2005 I was selected to become the assistant to the legendary Monte Zucker. During the next two years I assisted Monte as he taught 24 masterclasses around the globe, including his favorite class of all-time, his 2006 Masterclass in Italy. Later in the year I put Monte and Eddie Tapp on a 15-city tour of the U.S. Little did we know that The Imagination to Reality Tour would be Monte’s final educational endeavor. During it, the strongest man I’ve ever met was diagnosed with cancer, and a few short months later he passed away.

At the time I became Monte’s assistant, I could never have imagined that I would be left with the solemn responsibility to continue his educational legacy. This unexpected privilege changed my life forever. I started Monte Zucker Photographic Education to inspire and teach you the way that Monte inspired and taught me: to become not only a better artist, but to become the best artist you can be.

—Jeff Medford, founder and owner of Monte Zucker Photographic Education, which is now MZed.



Monte Zucker is called “The Creator” because his innovative style is timeless. His legacy of simple, direct, and emotional portraits changed photographic history—and still resonates today. Based in the classical tradition, Monte’s portraiture never strayed far from his original intent – to capture a moment in people’s lives and memorialize it for posterity. Monte is a legendary master of lighting and posing portrait photography. He achieved just about every photographic accolade — including Portrait Photographer of the Year from the United Nations in 2002. In his own words, “I don’t photograph the world as it is, I photograph the world as I would like it to be.”



We’re a small team, with BIG ideas and the work ethic to make it all happen! The MZed family is constantly working to bring you the best in creative education. We do everything in-house, from planning to execution. We want to continue pushing the envelope, and would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Email us at


Meet the Team

Jeff Medford - Owner and Producer

Sarah Grimes - Marketing & Relations Manager


MZed Tour History

Since 2007, we have produced 12 multi-national educational tours, 7 International Masterclasses, over 15 different DVD titles, worked with some the best instructors in the industry, and most importantly taught tens of thousands of students worldwide.